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“Our son Ian enjoys everything about his AU experiences – swimming, track, bowling, baseball – whatever the season there is always something fun to do and great friends and coaches to do it with. It is such a wonderful resource for him and for our family.” – Mike McKay, Parent

“Athletes Unlimited sports make me feel happy. I feel happy because I get to do all the sports – soccer, swimming, basketball, yoga, zumba. The coaches and kids make me feel comfortable. It’s important.” – Tom D., Athlete

“Athletes Unlimited challenges me to go further than I have ever gone before. It helps me live a long healthy life.” – Josh N., Athlete

“Our non-profit has always been an essential component to our overall program. Athletes Unlimited allows us to put on major events and fundraisers, purchase equipment and uniforms and keep the cost of the programs to a minimum. Our goal is to provide support and scholarships where they are needed.” – Rick Cass, Former Director of the Program

“I feel Newton’s therapeutic recreation programs have done so much to promote physical and personal growth, as well as socialization, in my son’s life. It has been a joy for me to be involved with Athletes Unlimited over the years and to see the measurable and amazing changes in growth, development and self esteem that has occurred in all of our athletes.” – Gwen Fineberg, Parent 

“To us, Newton’s therapeutic recreation programs mean belonging to a larger family which emphasizes inclusiveness, and, social and physical growth through encouragement, practice, and example. Athletes Unlimited provides the chance to show our monetary appreciation for priceless opportunities afforded to Forrest and Lincoln as well as all the other athletes.” – Dick & Carol Beard, Parents

“Athletes Unlimited has been a very important and motivating part of my daughter’s life. Her participation over the years in track, basketball and cheerleading has raised her self-esteem and pride. She works hard at being the best she can and at the same time has a lot of fun! Thanks to all the wonderful staff and volunteers that have made this program be the unique experience it is.”  Gloria Michelson, Parent

“Athletes Unlimited is a lot of fun!  The sports keep me healthy and in good shape.”  – Richard S., Athlete 

“I had been trying to learn how to swim for years.  With the help of an Athletes Unlimited coach, something clicked, and suddenly swimming was easy and a lot of fun! I now love to swim three times a week and participate every year in Special Olympics.” – Chris K, Athlete 

“Our son has participated in this life enhancing program for individuals with disabilities for nearly 40 years.  In its early days it was the only game in town for our son with autism.  Through the years the athletic programs gave him the opportunity to not only participate, but to learn, share and at times even to excel. These programs gave him a life we never thought was possible.”  Lorraine Brinton, Parent 

“Athletes Unlimited gives our children the chance to participate in various sports and social events in a welcoming, non-competitive, and inclusive environment.  They always look forward to going to baseball, ice-skating, swimming, skiing, camp, and the holiday parties with their friends.  We are so fortunate that Athletes Unlimited is able to run so many activities to help enrich their quality of life.” – Sue and Mathew Wong, Parents

“Athletes Unlimited has been a very important and motivating part of my life. The coaches have helped me become a better and faster swimmer.  It has been wonderful for me because my body is getting the exercise I need to stay in shape.” – Andrew D., Athlete

“I have helped coached the Newton Celtics for the past 15 years, I can tell you that I get as much out of these programs as the athletes.  No matter what kind of day I’m having, I’m all smiles after spending time with the team.  They give me a great perspective on life and how important it is for them to have these activities to learn and grow.  I’m honored to be a part of the program.”  Doug Drenik, Coach 

“Athletes Unlimited has been such an important part of my son’s life.  He enjoys so many of the activities and has met great friends in the program.  AU supports the athletes and families as well!  The dedication of the staff and volunteers is truly remarkable.” – Tara Hayward, Parent



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