The AU Organization is run by a board made up of parents of participants, non-profit experts and community leaders working in conjunction with the City of Newton Parks & Recreation Department. The board meets quarterly to guide programming, plan fundraisers and decide how funds should be allocated.


Morton Orlov, President
Mort Orlov currently serves as the Senior Director of Operations for National Math + Science Initiative. Prior to joining the National Math and Science Initiative, Mort served as the President, Mass Math + Science Initiative, which he formed in 2007 and has led to the dramatic expansion of the Initiative’s Advanced Placement and teacher training programs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Mort was formerly the Principal of Chelsea High School.

He previously served as Chairman of the Department of Military Science at Boston University. In addition to his academic background, Mort served for 23 years as an infantry officer in the United States Army in a variety of command and staff positions. Mort holds a B.A. from Tufts University, and a Masters of Military Arts from the School of Advanced Military Studies in Fort Leavenworth, KS. Mort is the father of two great kids, one of whom is an Athletes Unlimited participant and camper and the other has worked at Camp Echo Bridge.

Patricia McSheffrey, Treasurer
Patricia was a senior manager in the tax department at Price Waterhouse before leaving to raise a family. Newton has been a wonderful city in which to raise our four children. Our oldest daughter, Jennifer, has benefitted greatly from her participation in the athletic, social and recreational activities of the Newton Parks and Recreation department supported by Athletes Unlimited. Athletes Unlimited has given Jennifer the opportunities to be active and engaged with her friends all year long.



Rick Cass
Rick has been associated with Newton Parks and Recreation’s Therapeutic Recreation Programs for over 30 years. Beginning as a Camp Echo Bridge summer camp counselor in 1979, Rick has supported children and adults in a number of recreational programs including basketball, track, camping, and community travel. Rick works as a Learning Center Specialist for students in grades 3-5 in Brookline, MA. and supports teacher education programs at Boston College, Boston University and Lesley University. According to Rick, Athletes Unlimited is a “cutting edge” nonprofit designed to give support to those who need it most.

Paula Clancy
Paula Clancy was the Treasurer of this organization from 1993 – 2016. She also managed a Construction Company for 37 years and was responsible for all accounting procedures. As a parent of a child with Down’s syndrome, who enjoyed many years participating in the programs, she volunteered for the Treasurer’s position as a way of showing her appreciation for the wonderful opportunities given to her son, Kevin.  Paula continues to enjoy being on the board and making a difference in the lives of others.

Diane Conley
Diane Conley lives in Newton with her husband, Jim Whalen, and their four sons. One of her sons, an Athletes Unlimited athlete and camper, has Down syndrome. Diane was an investment banker in New York and Boston.

Betsy DiSciullo
Betsy Lynch DiSciullo is a partner at TCA Development LLC. She is the mother of three great kids, one of whom is an Athletes Unlimited participant and all of whom attend Camp Echo Bridge. She lives in Newton with her husband John and can be found in her spare time running with her friends on Commonwealth Ave.

Gwen Fineberg
Gwen Fineberg is one of the original members of the board of what is now Athletes Unlimited. As a former member of the Newton Parks and Recreation Commission representing the interests of the special needs community, she continues her commitment after nearly forty years of involvement .

Scott Grinley
Scott is the president and CEO of Mobile Medical Diagnostic Services – a mobile imaging company based in Newton, and servicing patients in several states. He serves on the board of the National Association for Portable X-Ray Providers. As a former school teacher of 13 years, he is certified in both regular and special education and has been involved with the Newton Parks and Recreation Department since 1983. Beginning as a volunteer CIT at age 12 with Camp Echo Bridge, Scott has worked as a camp counselor, and has coached special athletes in Track, Basketball and Swimming. Scott has witnessed first-hand the benefits of this incredible program as his brother Matthew has been a camper, athlete, and life-long participant of the program since 1981. Scott and his family are forever grateful and are committed to the enduring mission of the program.

Dan Heffernan
Daniel Heffernan is a partner with the law firm of Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, in Boston and concentrates his practice in the areas of special education, civil rights, personal injury, medical malpractice, and children’s torts. His son, Brian, has participated in numerous Athletes Unlimited programs which have immeasurably enriched his and his family’s quality of life.

Erik Kruszewski
Erik is an athlete in the program who is a member of the Newton Hooligans soccer team. He has also enjoyed basketball, swimming and fishing with Athletes Unlimited. Erik loves the great outdoors and can often be found hiking, kayaking or traveling across the country. Erik has worked at Trader Joes for 10 years.

Andy Majewski
Andy is a EVP/Partner with CBRE – New England. Along with Dan Heffernan he has coached the Newton Tigers program through Newton Parks and Recreation for the past 13+ years. The Tigers program runs athletic programs from September-June. AU helps with new uniforms, end of season events and various needs for new equipment.

John Ray
John and his wife, Joy, have been coaching in the Newton Parks programs since 1986. Their daughter Heather has been an athlete in the program for even longer. Both retired IT systems anaylsts/ program managers from Verizon. John has enjoyed the sport of running for over 30 years and has participated in a number of marathons. John has been the head coach of Athletes Unlimited largest program, track training, since 1988.

City of Newton Liaisons:

Mark Kelly
Mark is the Director of Special Needs for the Newton Parks & Recreation Department. Mark has a Master degree in Special Education from Boston University and a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management from Colorado State University. He believes when it comes to therapeutic recreation, the benefits are truly endless for everyone involved.

Karen Peirce
Karen is the Associate Director of Special Needs for the Newton Parks & Recreation Department.  She previously served as the Assistant Director of the Needham Park and Recreation Commission and also serves as their Town Trails Coordinator.  Prior to this position she served as Director of Special Needs for the Newton Parks & Recreation Department for 16 years. During her tenure, the program flourished and she helped create the non-profit board that is currently Newton Athletes Unlimited.